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21 Jan

Rare Earth Naturals – Natural Perfume Oil Review


I am a woman that loves scents!  I love walking past the candle shop or the soap isle at the store.  I’m always drawn to products that have scent, but since going ‘all natural’ I’ve been trying products with natural fragrances instead of synthetic ones.


Rare Earth Naturals is a company that creates perfumes, candles and aromatherapy items based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They advertise that their products are 100% all natural and artisan made.  They are also made in the USA, which is another plus in my book (since that is where I live, and although not local to me, they are part of the small business economy that I very much support).  All their perfumes are synthetic free and responsibly sources.


I tried two of their perfumes.  One called Beleza and one called Amani.  Personally, if could only wear one fragrance for the rest of my life it would be the Beleza hands down.  It is my all time favorite scent!

I like to wear the Beleza on days I want to feel connected to my creativity and my inner spirit.  I Prefer the scent of Amani on days I am active with errands, gardening, or otherwise being on the move.


The description from their website for these two perfumes is as follows:

Beleza -  A goddess-like fragrance, pretty, complex, and deeply flora. Think flowers whispering secrets in a mysterious language. Key notes of zdravetz, jasmine, cistus labdanum with vibrational flower essences of pretty face and lotus to inspire feelings of inner beauty

Amani – A sea-like fragrance, clear and tranquil with a hint of woody spice. Think driftwood off the Swahili coast. Key notes of Australian blue cypress, ylang ylang, and sandalwood with added vibrational flower essences of dogwood to inspire gentleness and inner harmony


One thing I really like about their scents is the way that over the first few hours they slowly change as the oils evaporate through a kaleidoscope of subtle variations.  The scents last a long time and have a wonderful depth.


I started following the company on Facebook and enjoy the periodic specials and coupons.  If you have a question about any of the ingredients I have found they are very helpful.


The price for their perfume oil seems very reasonable for the quality that they are providing.  A $20 roll on bottle lasted me months using it almost every day.  Sometimes I like to use the roll on perfume on my arms or legs and then add several drops of my own Jojoba oil, and basically use the Rare Earth scent to perfume my daily ‘Jojoba’ moisturizing routine…then the scent really goes an extra long way!


Even though my local store stopped carrying this product, I will be re-ordering from their website when I run out.  You can too by visiting their website at https://www.rareearthnaturals.com


02 Apr

Jojoba Oil as a Natural Facial Cleanser – Review

Facial cleansing and moisturizing…you don’t need ANY of those expensive products! I have streamlined my facial cleansing and moisturizing routine down to very minimal, natural products and in this post I wanted to talk about Jojoba oil for facial cleansing and moisturizing.

First, let me say that I have problem skin, it is oily, but peels like it is dry, I get blemishes and acne like a teenager even though I am hitting mid life, and I’m prone to redness, itchy patches and an overall dissatisfying complexion. So, I’m probably pretty normal.

When I say facial cleansing, I do mean simply washing your face. So the first Aha moment is that using oil to wash your face is better than using soap! Soap strips your skin of all the natural oils, and causes your skin to produce more oil than it needs to replenish what you just stripped off…it puts your skin into a panic mode and it overcompensates. I didn’t use soap per se, but I used acne face wash…so basically the same thing…maybe harsher. I really thought I needed the acne medicine part of the equation.

Of course for someone who is prone to break outs, the idea of using oil to wash your face sounds ridiculous. But I read article after article explaining how oil is better than soap (I’ll let you do your own search if you want more info) and decided to take the plunge and just see what happened.

My review of using jojoba oil to “wash” my face is nothing but positive. First I just rub the oil on my face to dissolve make up and rinse with water and a wash cloth. Then I put oil on my face again if necessary to get all the make up off (depends on how much make up I wore that day, most days it isn’t much, but on music gig nights it might take a bit more wash, rinse and repeat cycles) Actually, the oil is great at removing eye make up…I realized why when I threw away my eye make up remover and noticed it was basically mineral oil, ha, who knew? So then, if I need to, I’ll put some oil on a facial scrub sponge and exfoliate the dry looking skin. After I’m done I just use the wash cloth to remove the excess oil and volai…my face is clean and not tight feeling like after I wash with soap!

So, what about the break outs? I have to say that I noticed absolutely no difference after switching to the oil in terms of more break outs…not more, not less. What I did notice was less redness, less flaky skin, less tightness, less fine lines and generally, just more comfortable skin and a nicer overall complexion.

So as far as moisturizing goes…I just use the jojoba oil. I don’t need to slather on moisturizer any more because my face doesn’t get dried out by washing it with soap…but when I do need a little, I just use a few drops of the oil.

I got rid of several products that I used to use on my face and replaced them all with one small bottle of jojoba oil. I stopped buying a couple types of moisturizer, a couple types of face wash, and an exfoliating mask…and now use jojoba oil in place of them all. It works better, costs less, and reduces the amount of plastic bottles in the landfill. Less products and bottles and tubes also means less clutter in my bathroom and also makes it more convenient when I travel because I don’t need as many products! Win, Win, Win!

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