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25 Mar

Glyphosate and your Gut

I was watching a lecture on YouTube called “Seeds of Doubt Conference – Part 2 of 6″

This lecture was given by Don Huber PhD. in 2012 and I heard a couple of things that he said that I wanted to share (He starts talking about these two things at about the 13 minute mark).

He was talking very scientifically about the effects of Glyphosate – the active ingredient in Round-up. He was specifically talking about how it chemically affects plants and nutrient absorption; it’s mechanisms of how it works. I found the lecture to be dry, but very informative and chemistry heavy. I thought I would pull out a couple of things that surprised me and tell you about them, because, I doubt many people will listen to an hour long lecture on the chemistry of Glyphosate. And, just to keep in mind, the reason this is important is because all GMO crops, and many (the majority I believe) other food crops, are sprayed with Glyphosate before you eat them.

1st – 80% of the Glyphosate stays in the plant. Which means you EAT it!, or the Cow’s eat it, etc. I didn’t realize that they used Glyphosate on non GMO crops too…basically they spray it on wheat, barley, peas, etc. to desiccate them (kill them and stop them from growing) before they harvest them.

2nd – the Glyphosate in the food goes into your gut and affects the balance of gut bacteria to favor those that harm us and make us sick. He said “in your intestine it (Glyphosate) stimulates clostridium (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clostridium_difficile) encourages bio-toxins, stimulates clostridium perfingens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clostridium_perfringens) difficile (or diarrhea), salmonella and e ‘coli. Glyphosate is toxic to many of the beneficial organisms in the soil (and in your gut) which normally control these pathogenic (bad) organisms.” This means that both in your gut, and in the soil, the balance tilts in favor of the negative pathogenic organisms.

Why is your gut bacteria balance important? Mounting evidence shows that it effects more then we ever thought about your health, including Obesity, Heart Disease, your immune system, your brain, and even infant colic (http://www.livescience.com/39444-gut-bacteria-health.html) Some people are even starting to suggest a link to Autism and depression, so research into these connections has started to become more prominent and as we study the relationship of gut bacteria to health, I predict the connection to Glyphosate will not be far behind.

Another great gut bacteria study is currently being undertaken, to catalog and study the variety of gut bacteria in people throughout the world…The Human Microbiome Project (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Microbiome_Project) being conducted by the US National Institute of Health.

Just another reason to eat only organic food! And to keep the laws for organic food labeling very strict!

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