22 Aug

Recycled Cargo Pants Messenger Bag

Recycled Cargo Pant Messenger Bag Purse

Well this is a small departure from what you are used to seeing on Sprawlstainable, but recently I was inspired to get into a creative crafty mode and came up with this project for making a messenger bag purse out of recycled/reused cargo pants I bought at my local Goodwill, some fabric from an upholstery sample book, and a small piece of new fabric.


Now I am not an advanced sewer, but I have tinkered around with sewing projects from time to time.  I’m really happy with the way the finished project turned out, so I though I would share.

The materials I used:

1 pair of men’s cargo pants from Goodwill $3

1 upholstery fabric sample $2

2/3 yard of new patterned corduroy fabric $4

1 new zipper $1.50

Embellishments: left over from other projects I had some metal brads, thread, and some felting materials.

Total cost was approx $10 or $11

Here is a picture of the finished project

Reused Cargo Pant pocket on front of purse with Flat Felted Embellishment Panel

Recycled Cargo Pant Messenger Bag Purse



I used a couple of the pockes off of the cargo pants.  I just cut them out carefully and sewed them directly on the outside of the bag (before it was assembled.  I embellished the front pocket by creating a piece of flat felting on which I designed a bird and flower pattern that resembles the corduroy fabric that I bought.  I sewed this onto the outside of the pocket, and edged it with some blue trim my friend Jill had in her stash.  I also used some metal brads on the pocket flap, and on the felt design, just to add a little zing.

The pockets though, were really what inspired the whole project, because I wanted pockets on the purse, but really didn’t think I was skilled enough to sew them.  These were so easy because the flaps, and Velcro and detailed sewing were all finished.  I just sewed them onto my fabric pieces.  The sides of the bag, and the underside of the strap are made out of the cargo pant fabric as well.

Reused Cargo Pant pocket on side of purse





Reused Cargo Pant pocket on front of purse with Flat Felted Embellishment Panel










































For the inside of the bag I used the piece of upholstery fabric I bought which was out of the sample book that was discontinued at the fabric store.  They basically sell the samples for a small price after they have new updated sample books.  I used this material to make a very sturdy lining in the purse.  And since the piece of fabric was already finished on the edges, I was able to sew the top edge out as a small decorative band at the top of the purse, on the outside, before I attached the top zipper panel.


This picture shows the inner lining, (which I totally love) and where the lining was folded out to create a trim on the outside.


Cargo Pant Purse recycled upholstery fabric sample lining



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