26 Apr

Time Lapse Geothermal Drilling and
Trenching Videos


We’ll be doing a number of posts about our new geothermal heating and cooling system. It is a substantial investment in our home, and will go a long way towards meeting our goals of reducing our energy bills and our carbon footprint.

These videos are made from time lapse photography we captured during the outdoor portion of the installation process.

The first video is of the drilling of three 200′ deep holes to install the 600′ total of vertical tubing required for our system.

The second video is of the digging and filling of the 4′ deep by 3′ wide trench that connected the three wells.

There was more dirt and debris left at the end of the process than I would have liked, but we’ll have that cleaned up in the next week or two, and the geothermal system should last as long as we are in the house, so hopefully it will be well worth the temporary mess.

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