26 May

PDF Download of Sprawlstainable’s Garden Design

Thumbnail section of Garden Plan

2010 EDIBLE LANDSCAPE PLAN DRAWING 11X17 click this link to download

I thought it was very important for you to have access to the garden design for the Sprawlstainable Garden.  This drawing shows the entire site, the legend to all the edible plantings of fruits and vegetables, the house, the gardens, the patios, etc. The download is of the entire yard, the little thumbnail photo to the left here is just a small section of the garden.

I have not listed every plant on this drawing, but I DID list all the edible plants.  The page is formatted to print on an 11X17 inch size paper…but if you don’t have access to an oversized printer…it is mostly readable when printed on 8.5X11 paper, although some of the text is small.  Also, you can just use your pdf viewer to zoom in and see the detail on your computer screen. 

I have included the scale so you can judge just how large (or small) the beds are.  I realized when putting this drawing together that we have 400SF of dedicated vegetable growing area.  The fruit growing is more dispersed throughout the yard, since most of that is trees or shrubs.

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