19 May

May 2010 Garden Photos

Shade Garden showing flagstone patio, Erie Viburnum, and Rattan Furniture

 I was asked to share some snapshots of the garden, so I have put together a gallery of images from the last two weeks.  I included both edibles and ornamentals.  I am looking forward to the season progressing, and you will get to see how big the veggies get, and how well the flowers do when I post upcomming galleries.  I’ll include a new garden gallery each month.

As you can see there are lots of things getting underway in the garden…I have planted quite a few annuals (flowers and planters) along with many vegetables.  I have made bean trellis structures out of bamboo which was actually quite fun.  I have also planted strawberries, herbs, blackberries, rasperries, pototoes, sweet potatoes and other edibles  in containers, planted several flats of new perrenial plugs on the hillside and also seeded some cosmos up there (can’t wait to see how those grow!)  There has been a lot of rain to help my new plants get established without having to run the sprinklers very often…in fact, probably a bit too much rain for the garden.  It has been very cool, mostly in the 60′s during the day for the last few weeks.  The backyard is a place where we love to entertain, and I wander around the garden several times a day (although it isn’t as relaxing as it may seem, since I always end up either watering something or pulling some weeds.

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