21 Jan

Rare Earth Naturals – Natural Perfume Oil Review


I am a woman that loves scents!  I love walking past the candle shop or the soap isle at the store.  I’m always drawn to products that have scent, but since going ‘all natural’ I’ve been trying products with natural fragrances instead of synthetic ones.


Rare Earth Naturals is a company that creates perfumes, candles and aromatherapy items based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They advertise that their products are 100% all natural and artisan made.  They are also made in the USA, which is another plus in my book (since that is where I live, and although not local to me, they are part of the small business economy that I very much support).  All their perfumes are synthetic free and responsibly sources.


I tried two of their perfumes.  One called Beleza and one called Amani.  Personally, if could only wear one fragrance for the rest of my life it would be the Beleza hands down.  It is my all time favorite scent!

I like to wear the Beleza on days I want to feel connected to my creativity and my inner spirit.  I Prefer the scent of Amani on days I am active with errands, gardening, or otherwise being on the move.


The description from their website for these two perfumes is as follows:

Beleza -  A goddess-like fragrance, pretty, complex, and deeply flora. Think flowers whispering secrets in a mysterious language. Key notes of zdravetz, jasmine, cistus labdanum with vibrational flower essences of pretty face and lotus to inspire feelings of inner beauty

Amani – A sea-like fragrance, clear and tranquil with a hint of woody spice. Think driftwood off the Swahili coast. Key notes of Australian blue cypress, ylang ylang, and sandalwood with added vibrational flower essences of dogwood to inspire gentleness and inner harmony


One thing I really like about their scents is the way that over the first few hours they slowly change as the oils evaporate through a kaleidoscope of subtle variations.  The scents last a long time and have a wonderful depth.


I started following the company on Facebook and enjoy the periodic specials and coupons.  If you have a question about any of the ingredients I have found they are very helpful.


The price for their perfume oil seems very reasonable for the quality that they are providing.  A $20 roll on bottle lasted me months using it almost every day.  Sometimes I like to use the roll on perfume on my arms or legs and then add several drops of my own Jojoba oil, and basically use the Rare Earth scent to perfume my daily ‘Jojoba’ moisturizing routine…then the scent really goes an extra long way!


Even though my local store stopped carrying this product, I will be re-ordering from their website when I run out.  You can too by visiting their website at https://www.rareearthnaturals.com


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